About the artist

Expressing emotion through colour is my passion.

The works of Gülgün Aydoğar, a painter and an established interior designer with a career of over 20 years and a fine arts degree, embody an astounding union of colours and space, constantly exploring the reflection of delicate paint brush strokes on the tri-dimensional space.

The paintings, ever so resplendent with colourful, passionate brush strokes, allow her to express her spontaneously changing inner world. 

In recent years, focusing on portraits, Gulgun took upon herself a demanding challenge of transferring onto the canvas the intricate emotions behind facial expressions and body language of a woman. Her portraits represent the interknit of a sensual feminine aesthetic with the complex and delicate inner workings of a woman.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

~ Thomas Merton

To infuse colour into this world, to reflect the inner battle of the human mind, to bring the effervescent wonders of nature closer to the busy lives of today… To learn about the world, to grow as a human and yet vigorously hold on to the restless child inside of me. That is the passion that hides behind every stroke of my brush.

– Gülgün Aydoğar


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