The colours are the reflection of the inner world.
They uncover the unmanifested and accentuate the subliminal.

– Gülgün Aydoğar

Artistic periods

Imprinted Women

Painting shown: Fatigue / Woman is Colour

Impassioned Flowers

Painting shown: Poppies

Inspired Men

Painting shown: Boo!

To paint portraiture is to capture different personas and to read the proportions and emotions of those connections. The joy and friendship between these two boys brought upon the artist a deep impression which out poured onto the canvas, to reflect the innocence and vibrancy of this moment.

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Gülgün Aydoğar //Gu:lgu:n Ai:doar// is a Turkish painter and an established interior designer with a career of over 20 years and a fine arts degree.

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